Can Our Divorce Be Mediated?

If you are in Florida and are considering getting a divorce, you might want to go through mediation. Overall, it’s the best and fastest option for dissolving your marriage. There are also certain benefits that come with it.

Mediation is a way for you and your spouse to come together to discuss all your issues in a civil manner. Each of you gets to talk about any issues and concerns to settle your disputes while getting your divorce. If you have children, it can make things much easier for them as well. With mediation, you work with a mediator, a third party who is neutral and can help you to settle things.

The ultimate goal with mediation is to come to a conclusion that works well for both you and your spouse. It helps to prevent all of the ugliness and hard feelings associated with a traditional divorce. Mediation is also a much better option for settling things in a divorce as it is much faster. This is because you work together to find a fair solution to any conflicts.

It’s important to remember, however, that the mediator is strictly a neutral party. They are not there to be partial or to provide you or your spouse with legal advice, therapy or anything else. The one and only objective the mediator has is to concentrate on helping both parties to settle any conflicts or disputes.

Mediation can provide you with the following benefits:

• Both parties make all the decisions
• The mediator assigned to your case is impartial
• Anything said remains confidential
• The mediator can help you to better communicate with your spouse and help you settle disputes
• Mediation is enforceable and is put in writing
• Mediation agreements help you to come to workable solutions to any disputes
• Mediation is faster and cheaper than a traditional divorce

If you live in the Tampa area and are looking to get a divorce, you should consider the Law Office of Amber Boles, a family law firm in Tampa. You will have the opportunity to discuss your case with Tampa FL divorce lawyers. Contact the Law Office of Amber Boles to talk with a Tampa FL divorce lawyer or a family law mediator at your earliest convenience.

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