Who Pays the Filing Fee for a Dissolution of Marriage in FL?

Who Pays the Filing Fee for a Dissolution of Marriage in FL?

The state of Florida allows for divorce to occur in different ways. One common option chosen is that of a dissolution of marriage. This means that a marriage is ended without contest by either spouse. This also means that any terms that the couple will incorporate into this agreement must be discussed before the final decision. A dissolution of marriage is best to be examined by family lawyers in Tampa before proceeding. The Law Office of Amber Boles explains what this option of divorce will look like for you.

Responsibilities in a Dissolution of Marriage
When either spouse chooses to initiate the dissolution of marriage, both should have discussed and agreed on this method. The dissolution of marriage means that you do not wish to go through the process of mediation or asking a judge to decide on matters of the divorce. The process involves filing the completed forms with the Clerk of the Court and paying the necessary fees. The court can determine if the cost should be split between the two of you or if one spouse will be responsible for it on their own.

In addition to the filing of the petition, each spouse is responsible for bringing all issues forward to the other spouse to decide on outside of the petition. If it is difficult for you to do this on your own or you are unsure what you should include in this simultaneous agreement, family lawyers in Tampa can walk through this step with you.

Given that this form of divorce is quickly finalized, securing an attorney helps to ensure that you are thorough, and you consider the many important matters related to divorce. An attorney will also review your forms and give you advice for the final hearing.

Let the Law Office of Amber Boles help you prepare for your dissolution of marriage.

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