Is There a Waiting Period for a Dissolution of Marriage?

All states have established waiting periods for divorce finalization. Actually, in many states, qualifying for a divorce can prove more difficult than the waiting period for finalization. Florida is in the group where filing for a divorce could be complicated unless it is filed as a no-fault dissolution. There are situations where one spouse may want to contest a divorce, usually based on failure to mediate an agreement regarding a parenting plan and child support along with an equitable division of property. Most states want divorcing couples to work out an agreement amiably before filing. Florida is no different, and a family attorneys in Tampa understand how to expedite a filing in many instances. State judges prefer divorcing couples to act appropriately when going through the separation process as opposed to intervening with a ruling that neither party may like. The best method of avoiding this scenario is always retaining an experienced attorney like the professionals at The Law Office of Amber Boles Tampa Florida divorce lawyers before beginning the process.

Uncontested Filing

Depending on the situation, many divorces begin with a legal separation filing that allows both sides to evaluate responsibilities for minor dependent children and an inventory of marital property. This is not always as easy as it sounds in contemporary families, as traditional roles for parents have shifted. Personal property must be identified as well as determining the earning power and work schedule of each parent. Simple no-fault divorces are relatively easy when all particulars are worked out beforehand. An uncontested marriage dissolution that meets the six-month residency requirement in Florida is typically final after 20 days once the filing as registered.

Contested Filing

Contested divorces are often much more difficult than a simple no-fault divorce. Grounds for divorce are either irretrievable breakdown or mental incapacity, which can revert to an evaluation period of up to three years prior to the filing. Spouses who have not maintained residency in Florida for over six months must also wait for this requirement to become effective. Issues such as division of marital property can also result in a delayed divorce until an agreement is reached or the state intervenes with a ruling.

It is always important to have family attorneys in Tampa when a divorce is inevitable and time is an issue. Always call the divorce professionals at The Law Office of Amber Boles Tampa Florida divorce lawyers for comprehensive representation.

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