Virtual Mediations – Tips & Tricks


Goals- Educate and inform your client about the virtual mediation process. The information does not have to be exclusively about a “virtual mediation”, but it should provide the parties some idea of the process, as well as mediations in general. The parties should receive the information well in advance of their mediation to allow time […]

Could Mediation Work for Our FL Divorce?


Mediation is an incredibly popular topic among those who are going through divorces. If you’ve ever talked to someone who has been divorced or even spoken to those who deal with divorces on a regular basis, you’ve probably heard how mediation can be a useful alternative to going to court. What you may not know, […]

FL Divorce Laws: How They’ll Affect Your Case


If you are filing for divorce, it is important to be aware of Florida divorce laws and how they may affect your case. Florida divorce laws will dictate how certain issues are to be addressed and the factors that the court will consider. To avoid issues with your divorce and to ensure that it complies […]

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