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The Law Office of Amber Boles is making the adjustments to handle your family mediation needs. The changes affecting our daily lives are creating unique challenges for each of us to consider and overcome. Our office is committed providing continued stellar mediation services for all of our clients.

COMMUNICATIONS – Our office has implemented video & teleconferencing platforms to accommodate an enhanced and smooth transition to a virtual mediation environment. All forms of mediation, virtual and otherwise, demand confidentiality, security, and privacy. With our conferencing platforms we are able to offer face-to-face, securely connected video conferencing for your mediation session. Each video conference includes breakout rooms and the ability to share information privately with other attendees. It is not necessary for the virtual mediation participants to be at their attorney’s office.  Each virtual mediation attendees can be at an independent location or with their respective attorneys.

Each attendee can join the virtual mediation by providing an email address to accept the mediation invitation from their device (phone, tablet, laptop or computer).  The attendee’s device should be equipped with a camera, microphone and speaker. Our office is currently using ZOOM Video Conferencing for its video platform.  It is not necessary for the attendee to have a Zoom account. More Information …

EXECUTING AGREEMENTS – Virtual mediation participants are able to sign finalized Agreements remotely and track the signature progress in real time through DocuSign, a program provided by our office. DocuSign offers reliability, security, legal compliance, and privacy.  Attendees do not need a DocuSign account.  The mediator will email the Parties a link to accept the invitation to sign the Agreement via DocuSign. Recipients click a link to open the Agreement on an internet-enabled device (like a mobile phone, tablet, or computer). Tabs and simple instructions guide the user through the signing process. The recipient clicks Finish to save the signed document and they’re done. More Information …

Considerations for your virtual mediation with The Law Office of Amber Boles:

  1. All Parties will need a high-speed internet connection and a video camera such as that built into most laptops, cell phones and iPads/tablets.
  2. All parties must have an email address to enable the Mediator to provide a Zoom link to join the conference and to sign the final agreement via DocuSign.
  3. Payment for the mediation conference is immediately due on the date/time of the mediation conference and must be paid via credit card.
  4. All parties must agree not to photograph, screenshot, record or transmit the content of the mediation conference with any other person.
  5. All Parties must agree to ensure the virtual mediation is confidential, and not monitored by third parties (significant others, family members, friends, etc.).
  6. For efficiency, the Parties must ensure they attend the virtual mediation conference in a designated, quiet room with no distractions.

Virtual FAQs/Support

Zoom Mobile Apps

Download the Zoom App for your mobile phone or tablet to participate in conferences on a mobile device.
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Virtual Mediation 101 using Zoom & Docusign

Pro Tips for Attorneys from Amber Boles on Virtual Mediations


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