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DivorceWe have a number of different practice areas in our Firm. However, the primary focus of our firm is in the area of Divorce. Our goal is to provide the best possible resolution for our clients.

We will work in the collective best interests of your family to come to an agreement that gives you the best opportunity to move forward with your life. If your case ends up in litigation or if an amicable agreement can be settled with your ex-spouse, our firm is prepared to handle a full range of possibilities.

In the state of Florida, a divorce is referred to as a Dissolution of Marriage. In most cases, once the divorce is granted, all issues regarding money, property, and children are resolved. Agreements can often be reached through mediation or otherwise, on one or more issues. Only those that remain unresolved are decided in court by a judge.

The state of Florida is a No-Fault state. There is no need to prove adultery, cruelty, emotional abuse or anything else of that nature. To obtain a divorce in Florida, one spouse must simply say that the marriage is over or that it is “irretrievably broken.”

The state of Florida does require that one of the spouses has had to live in the state for at least 6 consecutive months prior to filing for divorce.

In addition to the residency requirement, a final judgment of dissolution of marriage may not be entered until at least 20 days have elapsed from the date of filing the original petition for divorce. However, on a showing that injustice would result from this delay, the court may enter a final judgment of dissolution of marriage at an earlier date.

The spouse filing the petition, also known as the petitioner, must pay the Court’s filing fee to begin the process. In Hillsborough County, it is approximately $418.00.

You can obtain blank forms for filing a divorce or other family law matter on your own at the [Hillsborough Clerk’s website…]


"Amber was very kind, understanding, and passionate as well as extremely prepared and had the response we desperately needed from the judge in a matter of minutes at our hearing. Highly recommend Amber to anyone who is looking for a lawyer who cares."
- Debbie

"Paul handled all of the issues that arose surrounding my child support enforcement. Through his vast knowledge and expertise he was able to easily navigate the legal hurdles and resolve the matter expeditiously with an outcome that more than exceeded my expectations."
- Anthony

"Amber handled my divorce extraordinarily well. She was able to take my case that was two years old, settled it in three months! Amber cares what her client’s needs are and fought for everything I needed. Me and my kids are grateful for the equal time I get with the children."
- Michael

"Words cannot explain what an amazing human being Amber is. She went above and beyond to help me in a very ugly custody battle. I couldn't have asked for a better attorney. When you're in court cases that have your children's safety at risk, you want the best. And Amber Boles is the best!"
- Kelly

"I was very grateful to have Paul representing me today. I admire his knowledge, his confidence, and his ability to present the facts in a well thought-out Manor. I appreciate everything that he did this morning and I am eternally grateful that I came home."
- Karen