5 star
Amber Boles

Stop searching for an attorney you can trust and count on. Amber Boles is your attorney. She is incredibly responsive, always willing to listen to your concerns and has a very caring heart. We were at our last hope in trying to get a two-year case resolved. After spending thousands and thousands of dollars with another attorney and getting nowhere, Amber took on our case with such passion that she was able to get more accomplished in 45 days than our old attorney did in two years. She is someone who in my opinion doesn’t see you as a revenue stream, but one who wants justice served for her clients. She studied hard to know our case and spent countless hours getting ready for trial. She represented us so well in court. Amber is inspiring to be around and candidly one of the smartest individuals I have the chance to be around. I highly recommend you hire Amber Boles. She is top notch in our book. An outstanding lawyer.


I hired Amber to assist me with my divorce. My ex-husband is self-employed and was trying to evade alimony and child support payments. Amber was very aggressive in uncovering his income. She left no stone unturned and did not waste time in moving my case forward. She was extremely knowledgeable about the law and was very familiar with our judge. At trial, she presented the evidence and facts in a clear, professional manner. She was very organized and aggressive. Most of all she really cared about me. She far exceeded my expectations. She was the second attorney I had on my case, and by far the best! Thank you for your hard work and dedication.


Words cannot explain what an amazing human being Amber is. She went above and beyond to help me in a very ugly custody battle. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney. When you’re in court cases that have your children’s safety at risk, you want the best. And Amber Boles is the best!


Professional, personable, efficient, informative, and the list goes on. Thank you so much for handling my family’s legal matter quickly and efficiently. We could not have done it without you being there every step of the way. My family and I are very satisfied with your services. You are our “go to” attorney. I highly recommend Amber Boles!


Amber is wonderful! After a two year long, failed custody battle with another attorney, we hired Amber. Amber had the case resolved in about 5 months with mediation and we got everything we wanted! Amber knows family law so well, it made the process easy and comfortable! We highly recommend her!


My ex-wife wanted to move away with my kids to a different state after marrying someone she met online. Outrageous! I felt like I was going to lose my family and my ex was determined to move. A friend recommended speaking with Mrs. Boles and seeing if she could help me. Mrs. Boles worked hard and provided the research and evidence needed to make my case. My ex’s attorney looked stunned when Mrs. Boles used her knowledge to outwit the other guy and win my case and keep my girls with me in the only home they’ve known. I can’t thank her enough. I highly recommend!


I knew that I was going to hire Amber right after our first phone call. I had spoken with two other attorney’s prior to meeting Amber. Amber was empathetic towards my situation and displayed a high level of knowledge about family law. Amber handled my case in a professional and timely manner. Amber does something most practices do not do and that is take care of the client. The e-mail correspondence was more than convenient and I was always kept up to date on changes concerning my case. If you are looking for someone who will work for your best interests then I highly recommend Amber Boles.


I knew Amber was the right attorney for me when my friend, and his ex-wife both recommended her to me. I spent 2 years and more money than I care to think about and was starting over when I called Amber. Within a few months, we sat with a mediator and had an amicable agreement. She is a true professional and loves her work. She cares about her clients and they, in turn, care about her. Hard work and heart will carry Amber to the top of her field. It’s a true pleasure to call her a friend.


The first time I met with Amber I felt like I was sitting down with a good friend. She was so easy to talk to and I knew she really cared about my feelings. The whole divorce process went incredibly smooth and Amber was ahead of the game at each step. She fought for what she knew I deserved and I got everything I wanted in the end. I was so relieved to find someone I could trust at such a vulnerable time in my life and through it all Amber was there for me in more ways than I could have ever imagined. I can never thank her enough and I highly recommend Amber to get you through this difficult time in your life.


Amber was referred to me after I had two previous attorneys handling matters concerning my divorce, and I can say that she will be the last attorney I work with as I am confident she will remain, my attorney, should I ever need one in the future. She is extremely knowledgeable in family law. I would say her greatest asset is that she kept me informed every step of the process and kept in constant contact with me, even if just to check in to let me know she didn’t forget about me. Even though we just met, I felt like she began to work for me and my children as though we were her own family. She is incredibly personable and easy to talk to with. I felt a sense of comfort with her, and it was easy to open up about things that aren’t easy to talk about. I have already recommended her to friends and will continue to do so. I believe she went above and beyond what I expected her to do based on my previous attorneys, and know that she is a dedicated, hardworking attorney! She resolved all my outstanding matters and helped my ex-husband and I reach an amicable decision about timesharing, schooling, and support. She also helped me mend my relationship with my now ex-husband, which I can honestly say I never thought would happen. She helped me to learn how to be friends with him, so that we may co-parent for our children’s sake; for that, I will be eternally grateful. An attorney is also called a “counselor” for a reason, especially in Amber’s case! Not only did she handle my legal affairs, she was there for me in time of crisis. So, if you are considering an attorney, please call Amber for a consultation. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


5 star
Paul Phipps

My case was stuck in a rut for 8 months. Fired my prior attorney and hired Mr. Phipps. Within a week I had my first trial date. Within a month n half my case was determined and I was able to relocate. Mr. Phipps was knowledgeable, very kind, patient. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone thank you, Mr. Phipps, you are the best!


I was very grateful to have Paul representing me today. I admire his knowledge, his confidence, and his ability to present the facts in a well-thought-out Manor. I appreciate everything that he did this morning and I am eternally grateful that I came home.


First off I would like to use this review to thank Mr. Paul Phipps and his staff for always being professional. His staff always reminded me a week ahead of time prior to any court appearances on where to be and what time. I even received calls a day prior. My divorce was probably the worse divorce in Tampa. I felt as if the justice system had failed me. That was until I met Paul Phipps. Paul changed my life. My ex-wife had left the city of Tampa with my two children. Every attempt I made to get a resolution through a previous attorney had failed. Paul not only had a rehearing in my case but through mediation, I was able to gain full custody of my son and 50/50 timesharing with my daughter. There were unclean hands in my divorce proceeding that was unbelievable to most but Paul Phipps knowledge of the law provided me justice. Monies were taken from my 401k illegally, marital assets were sold, overpayments were made for child support and ex-wife had been receiving an overage from my pension for 39 months. Guess what, I got all of my money back and these issues that were outstanding for over 4 years are now resolved. I am not sure if the lawyers actually read these reviews but I want Paul to know that I appreciate his integrity and honor in providing the best service to his clients. Words cannot describe how you changed my life. I will always be grateful for your help with getting my life back on track. I truly feel that I not only found the best attorney in Tampa but I have found a friend. We all know that good friends are hard to find. I am sure people want to know about attorney fees. His fees are reasonable, he works with you on payment, he doesn’t charge you unnecessarily, and he is worth every dollar you spend. As long as I live in Tampa Florida, Paul Phipps will be my attorney and if I move from this location I will always reach back for consultation. The highest rating given on this review is Excellent but my personal rating for Paul Phipps is Outstanding because his services are off the chart. I feel like I got my monies worth. I am a satisfied customer and I am willing to tell the world about your expertise. Thanks a million, Paul for all that you do. God bless you and your family. I am providing my email with this review and anyone that has a question about obtaining Paul Phipps as your attorney don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks again, Paul Phipps and staff.


Paul handled all of the issues that arose surrounding my child support enforcement. Through his vast knowledge and expertise, he was able to easily navigate the legal hurdles and resolve the matter expeditiously with an outcome that more than exceeded my expectations.


I retained Paul right before the trial in my divorce case giving him little time to prepare. Paul delivered with adequate representation and expertise. I was very impressed with his knowledge of case law and capability to provide me with a very fair chance at my case notwithstanding the difficulties. He was compassionate and fought a battle for me that I couldn’t at the time due to my fragile emotional state under the dire circumstance. He worked very hard and was exceptionally capable. I felt at ease knowing Paul was working on my case and was in my corner 100%. He took his job very seriously and was always available to answer calls and emails. I highly recommend Paul for your divorce needs.


I have used Mr. Phipps on several occasions for a variety of issues, mostly related to family law. I have found him to be a good listener, straight forward in his answers, good at research, clear in communication. I would not use any other lawyer and have returned repeatedly. He is particularly strong at being straight forward and efficient. He will not over promise. I have had others that set expectations high in order to prolong a dispute and cost. Not Paul. He is very fair in his pricing, truly serving his clients. In one case, he was opposing a difficult lawyer and I was able to observe not only good research skills but excellent mediation skills to get us past an impasse that could have cost us a great deal of time and money.


I highly recommend Mr. Phipps. I had a child custody / support case for which i tried to resolve by myself and filed a lot of paperwork and dragged for about a year and a half until my daughters mother started threatening me about resorting to extortion and defamation to get her way ( she wanted for me to have supervised visitations every other weekend, wanted to move to Tallahassee, wanted for me NOT to have decision making authority and wanted a $900.00 a month child support payment, she stopped working so that it would look that she had no income ). I looked at several other lawyers but their retainer was too high for me on my financial situation at the time .Mr. Phipps came recommended by a coworker of mine who had been represented by Phipps and won his case allowing him to have a 50/50 shared custody of his daughter (which was my goal as well) Upon contacting Mr. Phipps his secretary was prompt on scheduling a phone conference with him so he could look over my case free of charge to determine if he could help me. He listened and scheduled me into his office to look at the paperwork I had already filed. He was compassionate and concerned, the hearing was in less than a week when I went to talk to him. He quickly worked with me on a retainer I could afford since I had filed a lot of the paperwork already correctly on my own. immediately contacted Pinellas clerk of court and moved my hearing date redid my my child support calculations and imputed her minimum wage since she could not produce tax returns proving she didn’t have an income or the inability to work He prepared a portfolio which blew away the magistrate since everything he asked was in front of him before he asked for it (on the magistrates own words “I’m not used to this level of organization I wish all my cases for the rest of the day would be like this “) he navigated the magistrate through all the evidence and I was in and out of that courtroom in under 45 minutes with everything I asked for. Thanks to Mr. Phipps I’m able to see my daughter 3 days a week I have shared custody and an affordable and fair child support payment and the ability to have a say so on the decisions that affect my daughter’s life (I was not married to the mother so I had no parental rights on the eyes of the law before this aside from paying child support). All that and I got money left over on my retainer which he promptly refunded after my final judgment was received. If you want to make sure the court system doesn’t railroad you, need someone that will work with you and that will be real about expectations and find the best way for you to approach your case without leaving you bankrupt. This is your lawyer.


I have known Paul for several years. He has most recently helped me with my child support case and previously my custody case with my son. I am a single mom and it is very important to me that I use law services by someone I completely trust. Mr. Phipps is very reliable as well as very knowledgeable about every single question and concern I threw at him. He was a pleasure to work with in my cases both turned out exceptionally well. I was very pleased and will recommend him to everyone that I know, hands down.


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