Amber was referred to me after I had two previous attorneys handling matters concerning my divorce, and I can say that she will be the last attorney I work with as I am confident she will remain my attorney should I ever need one in the future. She is extremely knowledgeable in family law. I would say her greatest asset is that she kept me informed every step of the process and kept in constant contact with me, even if just to check in to let me know she didn’t forget about me. Even though we just met, I felt like she began to work for me and my children as though we were her own family. She is incredibly personable and easy to talk to with. I felt a sense of comfort with her, and it was easy to open up about things that aren’t easy to talk about. I have already recommended her to friends, and will continue to do so. I believe she went above and beyond what I expected her to do based on my previous attorneys, and know that she is a dedicated, hardworking attorney! She resolved all my outstanding matters and helped my ex-husband and I reach an amicable decision about timesharing, schooling, and support. She also helped me mend my relationship with my now ex-husband, which I can honestly say I never thought would happen. She helped me to learn how to be friends with him, so that we may co-parent for our children’s sake; for that I will be eternally grateful. An attorney is also called a “counselor” for a reason, especially in Amber’s case! Not only did she handle my legal affairs, she was there for me in time of crisis. So, if you are considering an attorney, please call Amber for a consultation. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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