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Non Attorney Represented Mediations (Pro Se)

At The Law Office of Amber Boles our focus is on creating solutions and workable alternatives for you.

A Pro Se client is an individual who represent themselves in pending legal or court proceedings without an attorney. Pro Se representation has its advantages and disadvantages. Some Pro Se litigants save time and money, but many lack the legal training and experience to successfully prove their case. This may prevent the parties from being able to keep the a case from moving along or settling. However, if the two parties are in agreement on the issues and are looking to bridge the small nuances and assist with terms of the agreement a Pro Se Mediation may work for you.


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Attorney Represented Mediations

At The Law Office of Amber Boles our focus is on creating solutions and workable alternatives for you.

The mediator’s role is neutral and not a substitute for independent legal advice. The mediator’s focus is on helping the parties reach their own agreement. Each party is urged to seek independent legal counsel throughout the mediation process. While the decisions reached in mediation are made by the parties, it is important that they should be informed decisions. To assist in this process attorneys may attend the mediation. Further, the parties shall at all times be permitted to privately communicate with their counsel.


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The Representation Your Legal Matter Demands

At The Law Office of Amber Boles our goal is to provide premier services for our clients whether its a mediation, divorce or other legal matter.

Attorney Amber Boles is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator in the Tampa Area who works with attorneys and pro se clients. Amber has litigated family law cases exclusively and uses this knowledge and experience to draw on when conducting mediations.

Attorney Phipps handles every case with integrity, compassion, and most importantly commitment to get the best possible results for his clients.


Practice Areas

All too often when things happen in life we find ourselves in a position where legal help is needed. Finding the right attorney to assist you can be a daunting task. At The Law Office of Amber Boles we would like to help alleviate those worries for you when looking for a mediation or divorce attorney in Tampa. We have the resources, experience, and dedication to help you. Our Firm has extensive experience in both settlement and litigation in the practice areas shown below.

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Police and Fire
(Public Sector) Divorce

Parental Relocation

Florida Child Support

Guardian ad Litem (GAL)

Mediation Services

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