Is Florida a State That Requires Divorce Mediation?

divorce mediationIn divorce cases, it is common for the law in many states to order that a couple must go through mediation before continuing with divorce proceedings. In the state of Florida, this is a mandatory step to be completed before a judge finalizes a divorce. Mediation is required to give the couple a chance to make decisions on assets, child support, and alimony before the court has this authority and will decide for them. During mediation, Tampa divorce lawyers can assist you with communicating your wishes to your ex-partner so that the agreement reflects your preferences. Attorneys at a family law firm in Tampa can give a detailed explanation of how mediation is supposed to work and what the expected outcome is. The Law Office of Amber Boles is well-versed in assisting clients with preparing for mediation.

Choosing A Mediator
After a preliminary review of a divorce case, a judge will determine that the couple must first go through mediation. At that time, the couple is allotted roughly 2 weeks to find a mediator and have mediation occur. The mediator that is chosen must be one certified by the Florida Supreme Court. A list is available with the Florida Supreme Court Dispute Resolution Center.

What Is Mediation Like?
At the mediation, both parties will be able to state their wishes related to alimony, child support, child custody, and marital asset division. At this time, Tampa divorce lawyers can be present to provide guidance on what you can legally ask for and to express what you’d be willing to give. An attorney’s presence also shows that you are strong in your stance in this matter.

Given that mediation is mandatory in the state of Florida, it is best to work with a family law firm in Tampa. Contact the Law Office of Amber Boles for more information.

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