Mediation in FL: When Would It Be Time to Consider

Mediation in FL: When Would It Be Time to Consider

Mediation may be a term that you’ve heard when you’ve considered legal actions in the past, but you might not know how it applies to you. It’s a collaborative process that is useful for some types of disputes, but it’s not always the right time to consider it when you’re dealing with a major legal issue. There are, however, some signs that it may be wise for you to consider contacting a Tampa FL mediator like Attorney Amber Boles.

Most people who consider mediation in Tampa Florida do so because they’re looking at problems that might be more beneficially solved outside of the courtroom. While traditional legal solutions are fine for some, they aren’t actually able to solve all the problems that some parties may have. If you think you have a problem that can be solved in a unique way, mediation may benefit you.

It may also be a good idea to consider mediation if you are looking at a legal action involving a party with whom you expect to have a relationship after the action has finished. One of the major reasons why many people who divorce work with Tampa FL mediators is because they will have to be in one another’s lives due to custody issues. Mediation is collaborative and thus allows parties to find a way to get what they both need in order to move forward with their lives.

When should you consider Mediation in Tampa Florida? Generally speaking, whenever you know a non-traditional solution will help you and when you know that you’ll need to keep working with your opposite party in the future. Whether you’re looking at a business disagreement or the dissolution of a marriage, taking the time to consider whether or not mediation is a good fit for you is a good idea. Remember, mediation is binding but there’s no requirement to come to an agreement during your sessions. If you think mediation might help, contact The Law Office of Amber Boles today to learn fins a solution to your legal matter.

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