Virtual Mediations – Tips & Tricks


Goals- Educate and inform your client about the virtual mediation process. The information does not have to be exclusively about a “virtual mediation”, but it should provide the parties some idea of the process, as well as mediations in general. The parties should receive the information well in advance of their mediation to allow time […]

Mediation in FL: When Would It Be Time to Consider


Mediation may be a term that you’ve heard when you’ve considered legal actions in the past, but you might not know how it applies to you. It’s a collaborative process that is useful for some types of disputes, but it’s not always the right time to consider it when you’re dealing with a major legal […]

Could Mediation Work for Our FL Divorce?


Mediation is an incredibly popular topic among those who are going through divorces. If you’ve ever talked to someone who has been divorced or even spoken to those who deal with divorces on a regular basis, you’ve probably heard how mediation can be a useful alternative to going to court. What you may not know, […]

Can Our Divorce Be Mediated?


If you are in Florida and are considering getting a divorce, you might want to go through mediation. Overall, it’s the best and fastest option for dissolving your marriage. There are also certain benefits that come with it. Mediation is a way for you and your spouse to come together to discuss all your issues […]

Is Florida a State That Requires Divorce Mediation?


In divorce cases, it is common for the law in many states to order that a couple must go through mediation before continuing with divorce proceedings. In the state of Florida, this is a mandatory step to be completed before a judge finalizes a divorce. Mediation is required to give the couple a chance to […]

What to Expect From Divorce Mediation


It’s always good to explore your options during a divorce. If you’re getting divorced in Florida and can’t come to an agreement with your spouse, you may not have to go to court. In fact, there are still a few different collaborative solutions that might be available to you. The most common of these solutions […]

What are the Advantages of Divorce Mediation?


Mediation in a divorce case can be an efficient and cost-effective way to resolve a case. Mediation can assist in addressing certain issues within a divorce and even the entire case in some situations. If you are going through a divorce and wish to pursue mediation, then it is important to have a mediator who […]

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